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How to use QR Codes

Brief but interesting article about how to use QR Codes for marketing:

Forbes – You’re Likely Using QR Codes Wrong, And Here’s Why

“This most often means you should have some form of a responsive, mobile experience for it” – Yup, makes sense.

“If any QR code had text that read, “Scan now for free tickets to the Renaissance Fair,” I would predict the number of scans to rise 400 percent” – Important: Give an attractive reason for reading the QR Code and accessing the information.

For your information: The mentioned preferred use of “complex URLs” is handled in CliqTags by identifying the unique site via a very short URL (a la “”). Then the site accessed can be as complex and unique as you like.

If you noticed, this note is actually written by gyroVoice, not by Forbes. Interesting new way of advertising.