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New features

Recently we added the following to CliqTags, with the intent to improve both the user experience of the mobile sites and the customer experience of the administration portal.

Mobile Pages

Pictures, videos and maps are scaled to fit the screen of all types of mobile devices, including tablets. Possible margins/borders on the pages will be compensated for, so media will only cover the space that is available.

Pictures will be scaled down if too large, but not scaled up if too small. This is to retain maximum picture fidelity. It also means that if you make a campaign picture that is large enough to cover any device’s display, it will be correctly scaled, retaining aspect ratio, for devices with lower resolutions. Pictures will be scaled down to the specific device’s physical resolution to optimize download time. This is complemented by CSS to compensate for margins etc.


Lists of sites, pages, statistics and customers (distributors only) are now shown “pyjamas-style” without cell boundaries (yet row boundaries) and with icons for buttons instead of text buttons to simplify use.

Site Edit, Page Edit etc use a simpler design without rounded corners. In part this is to better handle browsers that don’t support this fully, but also because some thought the rounded fields were buttons.

Error Reporting

Whenever an error occurs in the system an e-mail will be sent to us, so that we can quicker fix any problems that pop up, and so that hopefully customers and users will not notice any hick-ups.