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Mobile sites become increasingly important in the communication with your customers, and mobile adapted content is required to achieve a positive effect.

With CliqTags, as a store owner or advertiser you can easily keep the contact with your customers in a modern and cost efficient way, at any time and wherever they might be!

Use CliqTags to easily create, maintain and provide access to mobile sites. Use e.g. QR codes, SMS, e-mail, NFC and/or beacons to attract customers to your site. You follow up and are in control. All via the same system.

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Be in control

Sites and related pages are easily created and edited by you. There’s no need for knowledge about Web development, nor how to adapt content to mobile phones.

Cut work and lead time

The lead time from decision to completed implementation is very short, much shorter than for mobile apps. You also iterate and improve much faster.

There’s nothing to install, as the whole solution is cloud-based and both administrative and user access is done via the Web.

It provides both the content management and access method aspects in one turn-key system. When you have your account you are ready to go. All parts included.

Get immediate results

All changes are activated immediately for quick review and access.

Get app-like performance

Pages are very light-weight (a few kilobytes) with a minimum of additional assets, and images are scaled to the display dimensions of each device, making pages load up to magnitudes faster than on a responsive site.

Get a quick RoI

CliqTags is cost efficient compared to development of mobile apps or adaptation of existing PC sites for mobile access.

Enhance iteratively

The solution scales to your needs, where you can start small with one site and a few pages, but you can build quite complex and interactive sites if needed. Such enhancements you can do over time, so you are never locked down to one specific information structure.

Extend your channel reach

Make your paper based communication digital and mobile, and for the first time truly interactive and measurable.

You easily create the means for users to access your sites, be it via QR code, SMS, e-mail or social media, complemented by mobile apps for beacons, NFC tags etc.

Administrate with ease and flexibility

New sites and pages are created in a few simple steps. Sites and pages can be copied/cloned for quick repetition of similar content and to build up a set of templates for later use (e.g. for future regions and campaigns). Sites and pages are easily deactivated, scheduled (with start and end time) or deleted when no longer needed.

If you sign up to any of the premium plans you can create multiple sites with ease. Each site gets its own characteristics and means to access it. You can easily clone sites by copying them.

CliqTags supports numerous page types, providing the means to easily create interactive and engaging mobile sites.

Express your brand

You can make numerous design choices via easy to use settings. You can of course also complement this with your own styles that override anything CliqTags has set. When copying a site, its design, structure and content will be retained, making it easy to build on what you've done before and change only what's needed.

Get feedback from your customers

Easily create forms for surveys, contests, sweepstakes, voting etc. Responses are stored and optionally sent as e-mail for immediate action. Responses can be visualized as well as exported for external analysis. We can help you with the data mining.

CliqTags supports many field types (pretty much everything HTML5 has to offer) to let you customize your forms to the needs of the audience and subject matter. You can also control whether fields need to be filled in and whether they should be shown to others via a Responses page.

Follow the results

Statistics for each site and each page can be seen in a chart (accumulated per time period) or list (each access). You can export statistics for external analysis and charting in e.g. Excel, Power BI or Google Data Studio.

Get visibility

CliqTags supports Google Analytics, tracking code, SEO description and keywords per site, enabling you to track and promote your sites on CliqTags the same way you'd do any other site.

Get help when you need it

Help information is provided inline and pretty much everywhere, by hovering over the area of a page you need information about. There are also many FAQs describing concepts and uses, as well as tutorials. You can also ask us via e-mail if you have a premium account.

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